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              2018-06-11 點擊數:1702
              1. 根據生產計劃單的要求,選取適當的玻璃原片
              1. select suitable glass raw materials according to the production plan.
              2. 用行車吊取玻璃原片至上片臺處,要求穿戴必備的手套、護腕、工作服,工作鞋等勞保用品
              2. use the crane to lift the original piece of glass to the top desk, and wear the necessary gloves, bracers, work clothes, work shoes and other labor protection articles.
              3. 打開上片臺的電源氣源開關,檢查氣源壓力
              3. turn on the power supply gas switch on the chip and check the gas source pressure.
              4. 打開上片臺觸摸屏的開關,準確選擇左右側翻的按鍵
              4. open the switch on the touch screen of the platform, and select the key to the left and right rollover accurately.
              5. 上片過程中要仔細觀察片玻璃是否與后面玻璃完全分開
              5. carefully observe whether the first piece of glass is completely separated from the rear glass during the above process.
              6. 若有問題隨時按急停鍵,問題排除后方可繼續

              6. if you have any problems, press the stop button at any time.


              7. 要認真核對尺寸,批量尺寸片必須仔細核對,防止出錯
              7., we must carefully check the size, the first batch size must be carefully checked, to prevent mistakes.
              8. 工作結束關閉電源氣源,清掃車間及工作臺面,清理收好工具
              8., turn off the power supply and gas source, clean the workshops and work surfaces, and clean up the tools.
              9. 手工劃片要求認真仔細,尺寸、注意安全
              9. manual dicing requires careful, precise size and safety.
              10. 用液壓車搬運玻璃架時一定要將玻璃捆扎牢固方可搬運
              10. when using a hydraulic truck to transport glass frames, it is necessary to bind the glass firmly before moving.
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