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              2018-08-04 點擊數:1641
              Aluminum alloys are better understood. Now, the furniture made by aluminum alloy is not much in the present day. With the current environmental awareness and the advance of science and technology, many of the jobs then go to a green transformation, and then the all aluminum wardrobe customization is deeply loved by the present people.

              The first is the data on the comparison of environmental protection aluminum alloy wardrobe aluminum alloy profiles structure, affirm 0 formaldehyde, are able to insure the price of recycling information. It can be washed and cleaned with water directly, never decayed, and the waterproofing compared with this material is made of all aluminum alloy profiles, not afraid of water and not afraid of moisture. Then our clothes will not be affected by moisture and then affect the number of clothes used. The most important is the fire protection, and then the aluminum alloy wardrobe with a strong heat resistant function, after a long burning also lossless appearance, overcoming the general board can not burn defects.


              In recent years, many enterprises have launched a series of household products, such as red wood pattern wardrobes, white wood pattern cabinets, log color doors and window frames. These products have a special feature, that is, the whole body is the structure of all aluminum alloy profiles.
              "All aluminum houses are not afraid of moisture, no formaldehyde, and they can be reused. Together, aluminum has good functions in terms of density and pressure, and can be used to prevent termites and worms. Wen Senyuan, a regional manager of Guangdong Bajia Technology Co., Ltd., said that the biggest selling point of aluminum profile home is green and environmental protection. Last year, they introduced all aluminum home products such as bathroom cabinet, balcony cabinet and so on.